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PopUpChristmasTree.co.uk   Add a pre-lit Xmas feature to your home in seconds with a Pop Up Tree

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Pop Up Christmas Tree

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A pop up Xmas tree is guaranteed to add a touch of Xmas sparkle to your home - in a matter of seconds!

The pop up tree is a super invention which takes the hassle and time out of erecting and decorating a traditional artificial Xmas tree.

Simply take the tree out of the box and extend it over a central pole and it’s ready - complete with lights and shiny Christmas tree decorations in place.

These clever trees mean there’s no more messing about getting the branches looking right and hanging baubles and lights. We’ve tracked down the best prices from leading UK stores including  Festive Lights, Argos, Tesco, Homebase, B&Q and Amazon.

Watch the pop up Xmas tree video below and read more about them

Pop Up Yuletide Tree - the Xmas tree in a box that’s ready in seconds!

A pop up tree is the perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t want the time-consuming fuss and hassle of erecting a standard artificial tree or real tree - this type of tree can be in place in your home in seconds, complete with colourful decorations and stylish Christmas tree lights.

The time-saver trees are all the rage and are ideal for people who struggle to find the time to fit in the annual task of putting up a Christmas tree into their hectic daily life - busy work schedules mean many people just don’t would rather use their valuable time doing other things. If you fall into this category then a pop up Christmas tree is what you need.

Not so many years ago the only option available to families who wanted a Christmas tree in their home was to buy a real fir tree from a farm or garden centre. Real trees have a lovely natural feel about them, but cleaning up all the messy pine needles which fall off the tree daily is not so lovely - and of course there's the cost factor to consider since a real tree is only good for one year and usually ends up going to the refuse tip after Christmas.

The arrival of the artificial Christmas tree was a super solution for many families who enjoyed the benefits of a tree that not only looked good, but one that could be used year after year. The problem is - unless you own a pre-lit LED fibre-optic artificial tree - you still have all the hassle of adding baubles and Christmas tree lights. And even pre-lit trees still take a fair amount of time to put up properly and get all the branches spread out evenly.

But the latest initiative on the market - the instant popping up tree - is an absolutely fantastic creation. These trees do away with all the fuss associated with other artificial Christmas trees and the mess from dropping pine firs on real trees - and it looks truly stunning into the bargain. It’s easy to put together in a minute or two even a child could do it - just take a look at the video (right) to see how simple it really is.

To get your Christmas tree set up in your home you simply connect together the two parts of the main pole and place it in the stand at the base. Then you either pull up the main tree section from the base or down from the top of the pole -  and that’s it! All that’s left to do is plug in the cable to the mains to light up your pop up tree.

The range of pop up trees available to buy looks set to boom in the next few years as more and more manufacturers respond to the anticipated demand for this exciting and new 'tree in a box' concept. We have trawled around and found the best prices currently available from leading UK stores including Tesco, Argos, B&Q, Homebase and online shopping giant Amazon. They are available in various different sizes including 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 7ft. They are also available in a range of colours including white, black, silver, gold and green. A small cheap pop up tree without lights costs under £10 while more expensive large pop up pre-lit trees with lights and balls can cost up to £50.

These trees are for indoor use only and are fire retardant for peace of mind. The larger models usually have around 60 coloured Christmas tree bulbs which are already evenly distributed around the tree for maximum effect. Most instant trees have a metal or toughened plastic stand at their base to provide plenty of stability.

The idea of an popping up Xmas tree will have obvious appeal for many people - you can set up your pop up Christmas tree in lightning fast time, leaving you free to get on with other Xmas preparations and celebrations. Despite how easy and quick they are to put up, these trees look extremely stylish, traditional and realistic.

This new style of tree is quite an amazing concept - it’s like an automatic tree that self inflates in seconds - a great time saver indeed.

You tree will look really classy in your hallway, living room, dining room, conservatory or anywhere else you choose to locate it in your home. Once you own one you’ll never want to revert back to earlier types of Christmas trees - while you friends and neighbours are struggling to get their trees set up and looking good you can be busy getting into the festive spirit.

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Watch this video to see how a Pop Up Xmas tree is erected in seconds